Hit the Deck, Use the Rhyme as Reason Effect

Rhyme as Reason EffectPersuasive content and psychology go hand in hand. If you don’t understand what drives people to do things, you may be wasting your time.

One way to influence people is to use words that rhyme. Referred to as the Rhyme as Reason Effect in the psychology world, combining words that rhyme in a sentence can persuade people to validate its truthfulness. A beautiful sounding phrase is easy on the eyes and ears, making even statements you would otherwise disagree with seem more favourable. As an example shared in this Psychology Today article, when students at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania were given list of rhyming aphorisms (“Woes unite foes”) and non-rhyming translations (“Misfortunes unite foes”), they tended to favour the rhymes. They also showed more favour to the statement that “wealth makes health”, but not when asked if financial success makes people healthier.

So make your readers long for the product that sounds like a song. Or make them feel sublime by incorporating a little rhyme.

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photo by: GollyGforce
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